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Age Spots on Hands, No Problem!

Everyone in this planet will grow old One day, you will get wrinkly skin, some degree of incontinence and age spots. But what about to those who are younger? Yes you can and those age spots on hands and face will be the first thing to go. So much money has been invested in treatments and drugs just to make them disappear.

Age spots also known as sun spots are usually brown, flat skin blemishes usually associated with aging and sun exposure. Basically, they are brown, flat usually round flecks on your skin usually caused by aging and/or exposure to UV rays from the sun. Age spots are harmless and not at all considered cancerous. However, if you ever notice that your age spot is elevated and has a lopsided shape to it, you should go to a doctor and get that check because it could be a melanoma or skin cancer.

For many, age spots remind them on how old they are. So many middle-aged people are using different treatments just to make them disappear. But the usual reason for someone to invest on such treatments is simply cosmetic. There are a lot of age spots on hands treatments out there. There are hand creams that bleach your skin thus lightening the blemish. Some would prefer microdermabrasion, laser therapy and even chemical peels. The drawback on these treatments is that they are expensive and would take more than one session or application to get results.

However, for those you are tightening their belts; don’t despair because there are age spots on hands remedies that you can make at your own home. From mixtures using apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to using aloe vera and dandelion stems to even using castor oil, these so called remedy are all natural but you still have to take extra care when trying to use them.

But they say prevention is better than cure and this case that holds true. You can do simple changes so you can avoid the appearance of age spots. You can use SPF laden sunscreen all the time when planning to go out into the sun. You can cover up with jackets or umbrellas to keep the skin from getting too exposed. Or follow a healthy diet, exercise and lots of water are also ways not only to prevent age spots but also improve your general health altogether.

Age spots are harmless. So why bother erasing them? Many treatments are out there for you, all you have to do is choose. Beauty matter for many of especially when you are being ravaged by time but it does not have to stop you from looking your best.


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